Donate to help flood victims get electricity back

Everyone up in the Northern Rivers that was hit by the hectic floods is still really screwed!

And so our company has decided as a team to rotate Electricians up to help volunteer with recovery efforts since they are desperate for trades up there. We have decided that any profits from anyone who books Electrical work with us in May will go directly to helping the people there.

And if you don’t need any electrical repairs or upgrades atm and just want to chip in to help them, this go fund me link is also a really effective way to donate as we are making sure all proceeds are going directly into volunteer recovery work:

And lastly, if any plumbing companies would be able to spare a plumber for a week we have a few houses we have got back online but not their hot water and there are basically no plumbers around to help up there. Please reach out if you think you can help as we can point you in the right direction to be really effective. The work is really rewarding everyone is really grateful when assisted to move forward with things they are stuck on but we all take for granted!