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Our Vision

Local and Licensed aims to raise the industry standard in service. 

A team that genuinely cares about its customers. 


As Chris – The Founder and CEO of Local & Licensed always says;

“If it’s not the destination but the journey, then why not make it as colourful as possible!”

From his appreciation of providing a good service to others and having fun in the process, Local & Licensed has grown.

Chris gives back to the community in more ways than just great customer service. He also holds regular communal art lessons in his Brookvale art studio and loves to recycle waste from electrical jobs into functional art work.

The BIG Note on our wall

At Local & Licensed, the big note on our wall reads ‘Leave customers smiling‘. This starts by ensuring customers have a positive experience when dealing with tradies.

Tradies often have a bad name for being late for appointments or leaving you waiting around all day for them to eventually turn up. If we say we will be there at a particular time, we will be there so you will not need to put your life on hold waiting for us.

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Another big bugbear of the trades industry is when tradies leave a mess in your home after doing a job. Chris Pemberton is a clean freak and he and the team pride themselves in making sure that your home is left immaculate when they leave.

 If we leave the work area with even a speck of dust, we will shout you an entire clean of your house from a professional cleaner.

Also, we ensure a high standard of work and use only high quality materials with up to 10 year warranties on some gear and a life time warranty on workmanship. We also hold the Industry record for the least amount of warranty call backs!

We are always here for YOU!

Man June was a crazy month on Military Road. I attended two electrical emergencies in the same week!

I was driving to work one morning just after a storm and saw that a shops awning had caved in and parts of it were hanging down on to the pavement by electrical cable. Although I didn’t want to be late for my first customer, I parked up, ran in quickly and made sure everyone was ok. I went inside the shop, isolated the power to the front of the store and cut the ceiling/awning down before anyone could get hurt. Since I was in a hurry I just left my card and ran out of there. The next day I got a call from a friend, turns out the incident was reported on the news the next morning!


Around a week later, on a Saturday night, I received a call from a building manager about another hazard to the public on Military Road. Turns out the building manager of the first incident had heard what I had done and put me in his books for future work! Great huh. This time a sign had fallen out of a shops awning and swung, pendulum style, into the shops wall. I was there within the hour to help.

I arrived to find Firemen and Police Officers standing around scratching their heads as no one wanted to touch the sign in case it was live as it was still connected by an electrical cable. They were about to smash in the shop window (*middle of the night remember) to get to the switchboard but I managed to surgically remove the plastic cover and snip the wire without any drama. I made it safe and took the sign away with me to store until I could return it to the shop owner on the following Monday.

This is the part of being an electrician and owning my own electrical business, Local and Licensed, that I love. Although attending emergencies and working with the emergency services is not a regular occurrence, I am helping the local community on a day to day basis. Improving the safely of homes and commercial areas and educating people about electrical safety as much as I can.

If all you need is for one of our technicians to come to your home and make sure your home is safe, secure and power efficient, we also offer an electrical safety and efficiency inspection for $99 (or free with every service call). Just call us and we will take care of you every step of the way.